Saturday, 10 April 2010

Week ONE

Fidget House

Dj Bam Bam feat Alex Peace - 'Me And My Potty Mouth' (Original Mix)

Such an AWESOME track!
Beautiful blips and bass, topped up with top class vocals!
A great bouncing party track from DJ Bam Bam!


Benga & Walsh - 'Bassface'

I really am loving more 'jump up' tech-y dubstep at the moment.
Simple synths mixed with the well thought out, classic Benga style.


Joan Reyes - 'Shakedown' (Bass Kleph Remix)

Number ONE on (10/04/10)
What more can i say?
The drum samples are AMAZING in this song.
A great Tech House track. Bass Kleph hits hard again!


I've just got back into minimal thanks to my lil friend ROX and The Source Bar Saturdays.
This reminds me of a few years ago back when i started DJ'ing.

Well i think thats it this week.


Right Folks ...

It's time. Time to start again. Again.
I always say it, it ever sticks.
Maybe i need some life altering change in my life, maybe not.
Maybe i don't want to change for fear or it.

All i know is I need to do more, need to prove i can.
I always say it, i know.

The thing is, my life has changed.
I moved away from family life with 2 mates.
I work in The Source Bar.
I DJ most Tuesdays and now some Fridays.

This is driveling nonsense.

I will now start to give my tracks of the week. Preferably on a Sunday.
I am deciding now if i will either do one genre a week, or a track of the week on a few.


Lots of love.